To listen to or read more information about each piece, click on the title of the work. 

The General
: A new soundtrack for the Buster Keaton / Clyde Bruckman film (composed 2008-9)            
for viola, cello, guitar/banjo and drum-kit/glockenspiel, 76 mins. Premiered by Viola Dana at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival, July 2009.

Passacaglia: a companion piece for Kirsten Lepore's short film Bottle (composed 2011), 5:23 mins. Premiered by the Frederick Irwin Anglican School string orchestra and guitar quintet, May 2011. Re-orchestrated in late 2011 for a studio recording for 3 violins, viola, cello, double bass and 2 harps.

Degustation: seven courses for solo viola: (composed 2011), 8 mins approx. Premiered by myself in June 2011 for the 'Grove Classics' series. Published November 2011.

Sketches of Twisted River (completed 2012) for string quartet, 6 mins. Draws its inspiration from the opening section of John Irving's novel 'Sketches of Twisted River'. Premiered by the Sartory String Quartet on 27 August 2012 at the Ellington Jazz Club for North Street Music's 'Chamber Jam'.

Three Pieces for Community Music Ensemble (composed 2011-12), 9 mins approx. Premiered in May 2012 as part of the Mandurah Stretch Festival.

Sound may be the last sense to leave us (composed 2012) for viola, cello and didgeridoo. Music for the dance production of the same name directed by Helen Duncan and commissioned by the City of Mandurah for the 2012 Stretch Festival. 

Tunes for Fledgling Fiddlers (composed in 2013 +). This is a collection of pieces that I have written for beginner violinists that I will continue to add to over the years. Available for download by donation, with piano accompaniment parts.