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Tunes for Fledgling Fiddlers

This is a collection of pieces I have composed for beginner violinists that I will continue to add to over the years, with sheet music and recordings available for download.

I wanted to make some beginner violin sheet music easily accessible for teachers and students alike and so am offering them here for the small price of a one-off donation, of whatever is affordable to the individual, using the Paypal button below. It could be the price of a cup of coffee, or the price of a prime steak...or something in between. For those who cannot afford to donate anything, that's fine, too: please go ahead, download and enjoy! However, if those who can afford to do so do donate, this will ensure that I can afford to continue to pay for a pianist and studio time to make the recordings, and will let me know that there is, in fact, enough interest in and demand for these pieces to make me want to continue adding to the repertoire. 

I follow an approach similar to that of Sheila Nelson's Right from the Start and Kathy and David Blackwell's Fiddle Time Joggers, beginning with open string tunes and then introducing the fingers one by one. 

Below are the pieces listed in a technically progressive order. Click on the link to find and download the sheet music and recording for each tune:

1. Open Range (open string semibreves/whole notes)
2. Cowboy (open string crotchets/quarter notes with progressively faster string crossings)
3. Two Little Birds (question and answer rhythms using crotchets/quarter notes/rests and quavers/eighth notes)
4. Raindrops (string crossings - alternate open strings)
5. Strawberries and Watermelon (introduction to using the first finger on all strings; uses rhythm of words in title)
6. The Truffle Shuffle (another introductory piece for the first finger, involving more controlled drop and lift of the finger)

Many thanks to Tara John for her wonderful piano accompaniment on the audio tracks and Lee Buddle of Crank Recording for capturing it all so beautifully!